“Murder on the Orient Express” Review

Kenneth Branagh loves both literature and actors, making him a safe choice to direct the latest theatrical adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic novel. Almost too perfect. Branagh brings much of what we love and have come to expect from the director/actor. He stages Murder on the Orient Express with plenty beautiful cinematography, A-list actors, brilliant staging and subtle performances. He seems so in love with this mystery that he forgets to give it a boost of character, something that all good mysteries need if they don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of countless entries of the genre. Murder on the Orient Express is less like a modern remake of the classic tale and more of a snoozy stage play on its last week.
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Video Reviews – Extra 2017 Reviews

Earlier this summer, I decided to make a video on the best and worst movies of the year so far. However, I had to scarp this project after having recently seen Transformers: The Last Knight (easily the worst) and Baby Driver (easily the best). This video is a collection of a view clips and segments from movies I have not reviewed on this program and were once intended for a list.

Titles include Queen of the Desert, Rings, The Space Between Us, Fist Fight, I Am Not Your Negro, John Wick 2, Get Out and Logan.