Top 10 Best Films of 2018

2018 was a fast and exhilarating year for film. Marvel Studios celebrated its 10th year anniversary of superhero films, setting new box office records for the trailblazing films of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. Horror was given a massive shot in the arm with such brilliant doses of the terrifying (Hereditary), the surreal (Suspiria), and a good old-fashioned slasher throwback (Halloween). Even animated films have been rather stellar with many different mediums and genres. Now comes the toughest part of the year where I pick out the ten best and it wasn’t even. Even if this were a top 20 I’d still be finding it difficult to rank. But let’s give it a go because there are certainly many movies worth noting in this stellar year. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Films of 2018”

The Best Movies of 2017

2017 was certainly an interesting year of movies. Marvel Studios did the same old thing with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, a brand new thing with Spider-Man: Homecoming, and slap a technicolor coat on Thor: Ragnarok. DC Comics finally delivered a solid effort with Wonder Woman, only to go back to their messily reshot ways with Justice League. Star Wars tried something uniquely different with The Last Jedi and severely divided fans. Alien: Covenant tried a compromise of philosophies and horror and severely divided fans. No division on Universal’s action-oriented approach to the Dark Universe with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy; most everyone hated that film. But that’s not what’s on this list. These are the best movies of 2017, compiled from the 200+ I’ve watched this year.
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No, It’s a Horror Movie

There’s an old joke about the difference between a film being a horror or a thriller; thrillers win awards. There’s a stigma that seems to come with a horror film where if it turns out to be a brilliant movie, audiences deny the genre attached to it. Two of the most talked about movies this year is Jordan Peele’s Get Out and the theatrical adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Both were incredibly successful films both critically and financially, but I’ve noticed when most people talk about them they treat the term horror as though it were the genre that must not be named.

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