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Earlier this summer, I decided to make a video on the best and worst movies of the year so far. However, I had to scarp this project after having recently seen Transformers: The Last Knight (easily the worst) and Baby Driver (easily the best). This video is a collection of a view clips and segments from movies I have not reviewed on this program and were once intended for a list.

Titles include Queen of the Desert, Rings, The Space Between Us, Fist Fight, I Am Not Your Negro, John Wick 2, Get Out and Logan.


On this edition of Movies With Mark, Marky Mark Wahlberg transforms into a cartoon in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT and Christopher Plummer transforms into the Kaiser in THE EXCEPTION. Plus, streaming recommendations for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Filmstruck.

CORRECTION: Okja premieres on Netflix June 28. I was thrown off as I had a screening for it this week and thought it was premiering in a few days. Mark your calendars though. I’ve seen it and it’s a damn good movie.


Also, look how far we’ve come:

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“Transformers: The Last Knight” Review

Michael Bay’s fifth round of relentless robot carnage is as noisy, incoherent and insulting as this franchise ever was. From its very first shot of fireballs hurling over the Paramount Pictures logo to the final speech of Optimus Prime that contradicts any shred of heroism or morality in the rest of the picture, its a consistent mess of terrible filmmaking. Believe me, I didn’t enter this picture with the intention of hating it. To be fair, this picture didn’t offend me as much as the previous Transformers film, Age of Extinction (2014). There’s no older gentlemen lusting after a teenage girl, keeping a laminated copy of Juliet’s Law in his pocket at all times to excuse his actions. There’s much less product placement, reserving the obligatory Budweiser shot for one bottle taken out of a fridge. I can see a little, but not a lot, of the action going on where I just barely have an idea of who is attacking who. The plot doesn’t seem as overly convoluted this time. There’s even a surprising element of female empowerment for young girls, a rarity of any Bay production. These minor improvements, however, do little to improve a movie where there is very little to care about.

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“Cars 3” Review

The further this Cars franchise goes, the more creepy and bizarre questions arise, going unanswered. What happens when the cars of this world die? Are they buried in concrete, scrapped in a junkyard or harvested for parts at a hospital? Are there hospitals in this world of cars? Yes, these are all very stupid questions to be asking about a rather silly and simple story about sentient racing cars, but I expect more from Pixar. They’re a studio that usually puts a lot of effort into building their worlds so that I don’t find myself asking how fish talk and why a rat controls a human.
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“Wonder Woman” Review

Wonder Woman is more of a superhero movie than a movie with superheroes in it. Warner Brothers’ previous DC Comics “superhero” movies seemed to deal with wavering themes, much too heavy for the likes of capes and cowls. Considering how obsessed Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice became with the idea of gods to the point of crucifying Superman, I wasn’t looking forward to a DC movie about actual gods. Thankfully, director Patty Jenkins knew what she was doing to make a Wonder Woman movie work. She knew you couldn’t take a superhero film too seriously when a tiara-wearing Amazon warrior tries to stop the God of War and his evil sidekick Doctor Poison.
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