“The Post” Review

In the era of so-called fake news and questioning of journalistic integrity, Steven Spielberg’s The Post is both eerie and timely. It’s a mostly reactionary piece to be sure that focuses more on the importance of the Washington Post’s contribution to free press and representation. And, yes, it does slam its points home with the power of Thor’s hammer. But in an age when we tend to devalue journalism to such a degree, such an impact feels warranted.
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“Larry Crowne” Review

Tom Hanks is such a likable guy that something as sappy and sweet as Larry Crowne is sure to cause a cavity. But unlike his stronger fables of Forrest Gump and The Terminal, this Hanks-directed affair seems strangely light. Perhaps I just can’t buy him so easily as the everyman at this stage in his life. It’s this distance with his charm that makes him hard to buy and forces a lot of comedy that doesn’t suit him well.
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