To quote an insightful critic, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who love watching movies and those who only watch what they like. I am someone who loves watching movies, no matter the gossip or percentage on Rotten Tomatoes. I want to experience as much of this medium as possible.

I’ve been a long-time admirer and veteran employee of the video store and often consider it the home of my childhood. All those shiny VHS tape covers with fraudulent box art just screamed with limitless possibilities. Ever since I was five, I wanted to watch everything. Action, horror, comedy, sci-fi; I wanted to see it all. The thought of being bound to the kid’s section seemed laughable during childhood. I’ll never forget the day I finally had my own room with my own personal television and VCR. Home video was my life for much of my youth. While others went to dances and box socials, my idea of the perfect Saturday night was a Puppet Master marathon.

You can imagine my excitement when I landed a part-time job at a video rental store. Free rentals and advances screening of videos was all they had to tell me. I not only had a chance to take advantage of a massive movie library but also connected with like-minded video watchers.

Since that time, I continued to watch and write about movies for various websites. Some of the websites I’ve written for include Film Inquiry, Twin Cities Geek, Bago Games, Cinema Paradiso, and many more. I’ve written everything from movie reviews to movie news to movie lists to movie opinion pieces.

Now I’ve finally decided to take my passion and place it all up here on this blog. I hope I can inform and provide some entertainment for all who visit. And, who knows, maybe I’ll connect with some like-minded individuals as well.

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Keep reading and watching.

-Mark McPherson