“Joker” Review

Given the competition, I could easily see someone praising the surface-level sophistication of something like Joker greatly distancing itself from the current crop of comic book films. There’s no quippy superhero to save the day, no routine villain scheme of taking over Gotham and no anti-hero bent where our antagonist Continue Reading

“Justice League” Review

Full disclosure: I’m more of a DC Comics man than a Marvel reader. So I was very much anticipating the first big-screen depiction of the Justice League, despite Warner Brothers’ questionable stumbling towards creating a DC movie universe. The bar is pretty low for this film, which is rather disappointing Continue Reading

“Suicide Squad” Review

The DC Cinematic Universe was already on shaky ground with the likes of the polarizing Man of Steel and the darkly muddled Batman v. Superman. But Suicide Squad exists as the oddest of entities for an anti-hero ensemble picture that adds nothing more than convoluted filler to an already sloppy Continue Reading